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A Stream in the Desert Painting

August 14, 2012

This painting represents my travels to Eastern Oregon as well as a spiritual representation. Going through hard times is often described as going through a desert, or a rocky, mountainous pass. In this painting I wanted the waters to have a crystal blue depth to them that led even through the difficult desert.


Astoria Trip

August 8, 2010

My husband and I traveled to Astoria, Oregon last weekend. We stayed at my parents’ home and visited with Russell’s sister as well. The trip was beautiful.

Near Clatskanie, on our way to Astoria

I had almost forgotten the treasure that lies beyond the Portland metropolitan area.

Clouds rolling in from the ocean

Looking at hills of Washington, clouds from the Pacific Ocean

Looking toward Washington hills, clouds from the Pacific Ocean

The ubiquitous clouds came rolling in, almost at the boundary of Astoria, like I always remembered them.

Tree on the trail at Cullaby Lake

Russell and I joined others at the popular Cullaby Lake….

Russell ahead on the trail

….and walked a trail worthy of hobbits and wizards.

boat on Cullaby Lake

A trip to Astoria

The weekend was full of family and friends, and a delightful time with my best friend, Russell.

Joy To the World

December 21, 2008



“I think it’s a squirrel.” — Madagascar



I’m enjoying this unbelievable Winter snow with my family. My Christmas shopping isn’t done, though, and the roads outside my house are ice rinks. Time to get more baking done! ūüôā

The Northwest Storm of 2007

December 5, 2007

This storm affected the Northwest region of Oregon and Washington in such a way that you would think a hurricane hit¬†the NW¬†coast.¬† I tried for a whole day trying to contact my parents in Astoria and couldn’t get through to their home phone or cell phones.¬† As of this blog entry, they still don’t have power since Sunday (4 days), but I did finally receive a call from my mother this morning.¬† They don’t have heat, but they want to stay and care for their animals.

I thought about going to Astoria to bring them things or even bring them back home to our place 100+ miles away, but they wanted to¬†stay there.¬† Both main routes into Astoria (Hwy 26 and Hwy 30) have been either shut down because of fallen trees and washouts or restricted to one, very slow lane on main parts of the highway with a pilot car leading.¬† There were many reports of gas stations running out of gas with no shipments able to be delivered.¬† My sister is stranded with them, as she was visiting them last weekend.¬† She lives near Seattle, where no traffic is able to get through from Interstate 5 south.¬† The detour is over several hundred miles out of the way through Yakima, Washington, and that takes a route right over a snow pass.¬† So, people are stranded, major trucking can’t get through and people have lost homes and vehicles — many of them crunched by falling trees.¬† One town was hit especially hard where much of the small town of Vernonia is still under feet of water.¬† Incidentally, this little town, which is not far from my hometown,¬†was featured on the CBS nightly news with Katie Couric¬†last night about these floods.

Does anybody remember the preparation for Y2K?  This probably is a practical example of what is needed to be prepared for such emergencies.  It gets me thinking about being prepared to help not only our own family, but others who are stranded without adequate supplies or basic necessities.

Read about some of the destruction here:  The Daily Astorian

Here’s a slideshow of some of the storm’s damage here:¬† Slideshow of 2007 Storm

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