The End of an Era

Coming back to my blog is strange. I’ve been thinking about my blog for a while. It has served my purposes over the years, but doesn’t really reflect where I’m at now in my life. Things have changed, my perspective has changed and I feel ready to start something new and different.

Johannes Vermeer “Woman Holding a Balance” 1662

Some changes that have occurred over the years is that my children are grown and have either married and/or joined the military. They filled my life with activity, laughter, worry, prayer, love, hugs and treasured memories. We used to attend a church together that became a very unhealthy place for us as individuals and a family. This had a bad impact on them, but I pray for them to know the truth of God’s Word and be filled with His Spirit. His Holy Spirit brings life and liberty, and I want them to walk in these things.

Another thing that has changed is that I’m attending college. I have finished my second year, worked on getting my pre-reqs for a bachelors in Business. So far, I’m minoring in Art, and I love what I’m learning in that. I have a practical side and a creative side. The practical side wants to have a tangible business background to be able to either start a business successfully or work for someone else with good skills required for business. It’s a toss up at this point whether I’ll go for Business Administration, Accounting, Human Resources Management or Marketing. All four seem interesting.

Art, on the other hand, has a special place in my heart. I took an Art History class (The Renaissance) and was mesmerized by the art of the Masters during this time and up through the early 19th century. History is so much more interesting when explained through the visual art form these artists produced. It helped me understand the human element of history during this time, and the struggle for meaning and especially spiritual meaning.

Rembrandt's "Return of the Prodigal Son"

Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son, courtesy of Wikipedia

The path I am on is one of discovery and deep reflection right now. God is showing me more of how He made me and my talents. Frankly, I don’t know where the road will lead  — I have some ideas of where I want to go, but I don’t know the details yet. Do I want to start a business, or do I want to go the conventional route and work for an established business? These are the questions I ask God every day.

Rembrandt, “Open Mouthed and Staring” 1630 (I love this sketch)

There is time to decide. This next year is an entire year of science. I’m finishing up my Statistics class and Economics in the Fall. Perhaps there will be time to work on my paintings and drawings soon, too. God is allowing me the time, today, to seek Him in the middle of these things to know which step I need to take.

Eventually, I’ll take down this blog, yes. The growth that has occurred in my life and my family’s life over the last 6 or so years that this blog has existed has made this blog kind of a memory, and not an active part of my life. Blogs have really changed, too. They are really much more effective when attached to a cause, or a business. Being relevant and part of today’s listening and reading world means change.

William Blake’s “The Ancient of Days” 1794 watercolor

Business, academics, creativity, prayer, my kids’ lives, my husband’s love and God’s will and love are what really take up the space in my mind and heart right now. It’s been a very busy year for our family and at this time, I feel like I’m on a long hiatus from all the rushing around I did during the school year.

Maybe I’ll publish my art critiques. My art instructor, a woman with her own art business and expertise from around the world, had good things to say for my grade A work. I think my readers will be blessed by my insights.

Regarding previous posts listed on my site: They are for those who have been struggling through some of the same things I struggled with to get to a healthy (spiritually and physically) place in my life. They are for exhortation, warning and growth, so read them with the understanding that they are from years ago (even though they don’t show the original date, they were from up to 6 six years ago).

So, have a blessed day. Walk in Life, Liberty and Love today.


2 Responses to “The End of an Era”

  1. agapesantos Says:

    I have been struggling to know what to do about my blog as well. i still blog some, and mine was never “big” or well read- but that wasn’t the point at all. It was for me to be honest about where I am in a public, self disclosing kind of way without forcing anyone to listen to me ramble… yet anyone could read it. It served for a season, and I keep thinking it’ll come up again. I definitely don’t want to lose what I wrote as it has value for me in reflecting about my own journey. I am a little bit sad that facebook is allowed (by me) to take so much of my time… and now i don’t reflect as deeply or as clearly as my blog demanded.

    don’t take your blog down. Sometimes these reflections will surprise you as to how they pop up in the lives of others- or in your own life- as we cycle through various seasons. My “life coach” has started quoting himself or reposting messages from blogs 5 and 6 years ago in his daily email posting (which are also saved as blogs). sometimes the topic just comes up again, and he goes back to something “old” that is still “new.”.

    Hugs, my cyber friend… i hope we meet face to face on this side of the river. 🙂

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Yes, Facebook has sort of eaten up blogs, but there is still a place for writing outside of Facebook. I hope to start something new and informative for many.

    The thoughts I have expressed here have been the result of a process that God has taken me through. He is so good to reveal, protect and help us grow through life’s circumstances.

    Hugs back to you, my friend. I hope we meet, too. 🙂

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