Don’t Hide Your Gifts

I made this video a while ago after going through a difficult transition in my life. While I know this isn’t American Idol kind of talent, it is the talent God gave me to share. This particular song reminds me that we can lose sight of what’s really important in life, and coming back to our deepest longing — our deepest connection to the eternal God Jesus — will help us find our way through difficult circumstances.

Don’t lose your vision. Don’t allow others to tell you how or where to walk with God. Don’t hide the gift that He’s given you, but share it with others. If your gift is a quiet one of help, we need you. If it’s a gift or talent (or personality trait) that is openly expressive and even ruffles some feathers — share it, so that others are encouraged and even challenged.

But don’t hide it or think that you’re defying God by using it.

Why do I say that?

Because there are some who would tell you, especially if you’re a woman, that your gift is one that accompanies only silence. They twist the word of God, or use some other religious teaching to tell you that you must remain silent in order to please God. If you’re a man, they’ll appeal to your masculinity and define that for you, imposing rules for you to follow. It doesn’t bring life. It’s poison, my friend, and meant to diminish the hope that is in you, if you believe Jesus is your Savior.

If this post finds you without that confirmation that Jesus came to set you free, I encourage you to seek Him and ask Him for
that assurance. He’s always available and is ready to empower you with His wonderful gift. Just ask and you’ll receive.


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5 Responses to “Don’t Hide Your Gifts”

  1. gavin dickinson Says:

    HI Kathleen,
    My best friend was on the water for a long time, then discovered he had cancer, and died a year later. I know a former astronaut who lives in Tehachapi who had stage 4 cancer and beat it. He gives credit in part to the water. That is the ONLY way I would say it, I don’t know or believe my water cures anything, but I do believe my water helps the body heal itself, and helps the body work better. 75% of the US population is chronically dehydrated. 80% of back pain can be relieved by drinking more water. These are facts provided my university studies… My company has a very strictly enforced policy to never make health claims, and there are very good reasons not to. You need to get that the Kangen people are driven by greed for the most part, and will say anything to make the huge money you can make in their deal if you do. This water does help many people, to deny that without actually having experience of it is your right, but know that there are tens and tens of thousands of people who actually do have experience of it, and will tell you that it does work for them… I only got involved in your blog because I find the work of Laurie Tauscher to push her product to be reprehensible, and was looking for info on her when I stumbled upon your blog. If you read over my comments, they are mostly addressing the Kangen cult, and it most assuredly is cult-like in many ways… they are so far out of integrity as human beings I cannot step over any opportunity to try to set the record straight… at any rate, I NEVER try to convince people such as yourself of the waters efficacy, my job is to find people who are willing to try it for themselves, and let whatever happens next happens according to their wishes… My company has been in business importing water ionizers in the USA for ten years, and we run an ethical, caring business, with our main attention on being of service. I hope you will forgive me if I have angered or upset you, it was not my intention to use your blog to further any financial gain or promote my business, I am hugely successful, and I am successful because I come from a place of service, and don’t have an agenda to force or manipulate others to my liking. I see you are near Mt Hood? I will be in Bend for five days starting next Friday, shooting videos to be used in training our sales force, and a big part of our training is to correct the misinformation perpetrated by the Kangen folks, I am basically the top salesguy for my company… If you ever want to try the water for yourself, I will be delighted to make a machine available to you for two weeks, with absolutely no obligation or cost. If you or anyone in your family or circle of friends has acid reflux, it will probably go away within one or two days of drinking the water, I have never seen it fail in my six years in this business. It also has remarkable and predictable results with type 2 diabetes, and many other chronic conditions, and that is how I present it. I know you have an opinion about this, but I have actual first hand experience, and I can introduce you to hundreds of people who have experienced results, from all brands of ionizers. I know you think you know, and I don’t expect you to take me up on my offer, but sometimes our biggest skeptics become our biggest fans, and I am only offering because I am coming from a place of love and service, ok?
    Best regards, and I will never approach you again, and blessings to you and yours.
    Gavin Dickinson 949.273.4429

  2. gavin dickinson Says:

    facts provided BY university studies, excuse the typo!

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Gavin, I though you were a perceptive man and saw that I closed the comments on the other post you’re commenting about.

    Thank you for using my personal blog to continue to promote the dubious and hyped up claims of marketed water. I’m sure you have a lot of religious friends who believe the rhetoric, too.

    I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, Him crucified and risen from the dead and returning in Glory. I’m also a believer in real miracles. I also believe that people will believe anything they put their minds to believe, including the power of persuasion by religious and money motivated people. I’ve seen too much manipulation in this industry, and not any actual results that couldn’t be cured also with just a regular consumption of regular water.

    I said I was tired of the claims. I’m actually pissed now, thanks. Please take your agenda water to the alter of God.

  4. Kathleen Says:

    See this video of this woman? She died, a convinced and wealthy proponent of ionized water.

    Stage 4 cancer took her within 3 or 4 months of being diagnosed. She’s married to one of the most manipulative men I’ve ever met in my entire life, Gregg Harris, the notorious homeschool “leader”.

  5. Kathleen Says:

    By the way, Gregg Harris was the “pastor” of the “church” my family and I attended and were regularly put down, judged, used, abused and treated like second-class citizens for about 8 years.

    I knew stuff was wrong and spoke up and attempted to speak up, but the kind of manipulative tactics and “peer pressure” used in that affinity group (not a loving church body) made it difficult if impossible to speak up by their implied and non-implied rules, especially for women.

    There’s so much more I could say about the environment and what people choose to believe, but it took me years of processing and therapy to get to where I could finally stand up to it and call it what it is: spiritual and emotional manipulation disguised as “faithful living” for God.

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