Stainless steel cookware for gluten-free meals

When Fred Meyer had an advertisement for the WearEver Cook & Strain Stainless Steel 10-piece Cookware Set, I had to check it out. I’ve been slowly converting my cookware from some non-stick coated skillets to stainless, because any gluten-type foods cooked in non-stick surfaces will leave tiny fragments of gluten imbedded in it. I also had to switch to stainless steel utensils for cooking as well.

[Update September 2011: Look for their sales on this set online or in their flyer] Fred Meyer has a sale on this set RIGHT NOW for $39.99, which is half off their price, and when coupled with the 10% off coupon in the flyer, that’s $36 for the entire set. You’d pay that much for just the 5 quart pot alone or anything similar. These are heavy, thick-bottomed pans. So, if you’re looking to replace some of your old cookware with stainless (timeless looks, easy cleanup) now is the time with this deal at Fred Meyer. And, I don’t benefit from this advertisement in any way.


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