Russell’s birthday cake got a “chest” imprint…. True story!

A funny thing happened on the way home from Russell’s work.

I went to work with Russell on the spur of the moment this morning, because he said it would be a short day for him. When we arrived at one of his stores, the manager surprised Russell with a birthday cake one of the employees had stayed up all night baking after her late shift! He was also surprised when the entire crew and even long-time regular customers (many who are military veterans he chats with there) sang him “Happy Birthday” in the lobby.

We urged the manager to share the cake with the crew, but she insisted we take it home with us. We graciously accepted and had no troubles with it all the way home, as I carefully protected it on my lap. The vanilla aroma encircling our heads as we drove home stirred my taste buds. This was working out fine.

Until we stopped in our driveway.

Yeah, somehow I had “imprinted” a bit of my frontage into the beautiful work of culinary art. Russell, Elizabeth, Cliff and I laughed and I almost had tears from how funny the thought of the imprint was.

The Cake

my happy birthday boy at work

His work involves a lot of phone conversations.... also involves him climbing onto the roof.

Thanks for spreading smiles



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