Gluten-free Challenge

Going gluten-free these last few weeks has been a bit of a challenge, and eye-opening. My daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac, or commonly known as gluten-intolerance. We’re trying to get her system healed and on a healthier track with food choices for her recent diagnosis. She likes rice, so that’s a plus.

Rice is versatile and inexpensive, but my husband gets “rice fatigue” when it’s served too often. So, I’m trying to come up with different menu items to serve for our dinners, the one meal he gets to enjoy at home with the family. A favorite dinner that my family enjoys is baked ranch chicken (a blend of herbs and spices sprinkled liberally over chicken pieces and baked 50 minutes at 350 degrees), and a simple, but tasty zucchini and onion skillet I found at The Nourishing Gourmet. I LOVE. this. dish. Zucchini Onion Skillet is quick, there are few ingredients to prepare, and it’s fresh. We like to zest it up a bit for my husband who likes his dinners SPICY with Sriracha sauce and garlic. Served with dinner rolls for those who can still eat gluten, the dinner was a success again this evening.

Of course, garden vegetable stir fry is always a favorite at our home, and naturally gluten free. The picture here shows a couple of things that have been changed since I’ve learned about celiac: I don’t cook family stir fry with a wooden utensil anymore because gluten from previous dishes can embed in the wooden spoon. This is also the case with teflon-coated pans, which I’m trying to phase out and not use for my daughter’s meals. Metal pans and utensils (stainless steel) are a safe choice for cooking gluten-free. Also, I use a gluten-free soy sauce to season the dish, not regular soy sauce.

I’ll be sharing some of the information on gluten-free resources in upcoming posts that have been helpful for us in this new culinary journey.


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