What is our Hope?

…God our Saviour, and Lord Jesus Christ, which is our hope…. 1 Timothy 1:1

I’m seeking Jesus’ Face in regards to this [blog]. My experiences and thoughts were real [in situations described elsewhere] and a part of my history and have helped to shape the person I am now. The hurts I perceived and experienced, though, have been tempered with the ministry of God’s Spirit in my life. How do I reach out in “real” life? Walking with Jesus, reading His written Word about Himself and the world He placed us/me in, listening to His Spirit when there are too many voices in the world telling me how to live and move and have my being places me at the foot of His cross.

In a moment, in the deepest cries of my heart, I’m brought to the Empty Tomb, where He is absent! Immediately my gaze is fixed on His Heavenly Throne, where He stands in glory and honor and power! Is this the future? Yes, but it ought to be our thoughts about Him now, as our King and Kinsman Redeemer, our sacrificial Lamb for our sins. He is everything, and moves my life in the way He wants me to go.

There’s a deep sense of God’s conviction and presence in my life right now, saturated by His Love for me and all His people. I pray for the unity of His Body.


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