The greatest of these is love.

I’m growing acutely aware of my need to love more. Jesus came with love. I’m always trying to figure out whether my actions are loving or not. When I respond or react in fear, it’s not love. The Bible tells me that perfect love casts out fear. This is true of the person who knows they’re loved unconditionally by Jesus God. I struggle and have fear when I see I’m ignored or dismissed. This is my weakness. I pray for growth in my capacity to love others and be loved by God.

Today my heart aches. It groans with sadness for the loss of friendship on this earth, with those who’ve gone on and with current relationships left unrepaired. Oh, I know once I meet Jesus in Heaven someday with all God’s people, the old things of this life will have passed away and there will be unity. Until then, I sorrow for hugs left unhugged, kind words of encouragement left unsaid and hearts broken by earthly expectations, instead of united in love.

I left the memorial service for Sono Harris today grieving and resolved. Resolved in my desire to pursue love, even in the middle of disagreement with my brothers and sisters in Christ, and those who haven’t met Him yet. Please join me as I seek to love people, will you? I’ll continue in another blog post about the memorial. I’m just too emotional right now.


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