Okay, I’ll just say this one thing about “authority”…

I’m expecting ghofcc’s ongoing fixation in its sermon series to have the next installment by one particular preacher to be interestingly predictable. He’ll most likely, according to my past experience, feature an anecdotal “account” of how his or someone else’s “authority” and/or respect or honor was challenged, as he draws from his attempt to make my family member submit to his “authority” this past Sunday.

This Sunday presented an opportunity for grace to be extended towards someone in my family, but instead they were treated to a sad show of a challenge for them to “submit” to this perceived “leader’s” “authority”. When that didn’t happen, on the perceived “leader’s” “territory” the man decided to, in a veiled play of words, tell my family member they were not welcome to come back to the church (a shining city on a hill? no.)

Let’s start from the beginning. My family member was invited by members of that “church” to instruct certain members and friends of theirs after the sermon time on some outside community training on the grounds of that rented facility. When the perceived “leader”/man drove up to wave goodbye to my family member and their friend, the friend waved goodbye to the “leader” but my family member didn’t. The spiritual “leader” decided to back his car up to confront my family member’s “attitude” and told them they weren’t welcome to come back with that attitude.

Basically, I want to know why this supposed shining example of Christ’s love would have such an attitude toward those who don’t like him or his methods, or his manipulations of people and especially the Bible? Is it because the respect he demands, and the recognition he craves, can’t be given to him by some people who know his ways? He shouldn’t get his Depends in a twist when he’s turned so many people off from his version of Bible “truth”.

See post https://kateschosen.wordpress.com/exclusivity-condescension-preferential-teachings-and-why-i-disagree-strongly-with-these-teachings/
to know what perceived church “leader” I’m discussing here.

Our family is fine, thank you for asking, but occasionally I need to share my experience for the rest of the class to learn from my experiences.

P.S. I just read this article from Blueletterbible this morning that pertains to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”::

Whether we admit it or not, we’re totally naked before God—our minds and motives are fully exposed. It is utterly worthless to go through religious motions and traditional mantras without humbly and honestly seeking God. In Andersen’s “The Emperor’s… New Clothes,” the problem wasn’t that the emperor was naked but that he wouldn’t admit it. “He thought it better to continue the procession under the illusion that anyone who couldn’t see his clothes was either stupid or incompetent.” So, how many of us are placing organized religion before spiritual authenticity? Pomp and ceremony before humility and honesty? Sometimes it just takes a child, without job or agenda, to declare, “The emperor is naked.” And thus starts spiritual revival for many of us.



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