George Street Extreme Evangelism

George Street

HT: my friend Patty on Facebook



2 Responses to “George Street Extreme Evangelism”

  1. Compelled by the love of Christ « Kate’s Chosen Says:

    […] Kate’s Chosen Living the Good Life – Ephesians 1 « George Street Extreme Evangelism […]

  2. James Arthur Fitch Says:


    I reached your blog while searching for Extreme Evangelism. I’m familiar with the video you shared. I really love the story, and it inspires me to do more evangelism work in my own life.

    The reason I’m searching Extreme Evangelism is because I’m promoting some t-shirt evangelism aids. I think they can be used very well. The shirts say “Die Now” on the front and “Live Later” on the back. Every time we wear these shirts in public people stop to ask us what they mean and that gives us a great opportunity to tell them how Jesus taught that in order for a man to enter the kingdom of heaven, he must be born again, and how Paul taught that we must die to our sins and be alive in Christ. We then explain that this means we must be convicted of our sins, and turn from them in repentance, accepting the free gift of salvation that was purchased by Christ’s blood on the cross.

    i53tees is the name of the company (that when we have enough funds will become non-profit) and it stands for Isaiah 53. Verse 10 tells us that God was pleased to kill His own Son for our sakes. This lets us know that it was God’s choice to put Christ on the cross, because of His great mercy and love. That verse is the inspiration for the t-shirts.

    the t-shirts are available for $9.95 at our website,

    We’d appreciate any ad-space or blogroll link you could give to our site to assist us in promoting these evangelism aids. And thank you for spreading the Truth of Christ to a world that is perishing!

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