A stack of books

Here are some of the books I’m currently reading. It’s taking me forever.


The list: TNIV, KJV, Priscilla’s Letter, The Holy Fire, Lost Women of the Bible, 10 Lies the Church Tells Women, The Prodigal God (excellent read), and Believers Church Bible Commentary on Ephesians (the ch. on The Household Code, pgs. 253-289, really explains the mutuality of marriage and the difficulties with Ephesians ch. 5 and 6).



One Response to “A stack of books”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Haha! Someone thought it would be “cute” to enter the search terms “bible under stack of books” to land on my blog May 8th 2010.

    Yeah, I watch my blog stats; who doesn’t?

    That’s okay, my friends. I know Whom I have believed, and He doesn’t market man’s opinions, or get-rich-and-successful schemes to His people.

    Now, I suppose, some will have a problem with women learning theology at all? 😉

    Is your focus on the fact that my 2 Bibles (full of bookmarks of select passages I’m studying thoroughly, incidentally) are on the BOTTOM of the stack? Well, like any proper foundation, the WORD of GOD is my foundation, and not the latest trend book (like some home school marketeer’s books out there, for example).

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