Was Junia really Joanna?

Romans 16:7 mentions Junia as “of note among the apostles”, and Luke 8:3 and chapter 24 mention Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward, Chuza. Joanna was with the other women at the tomb after Jesus had resurrected. They were told by the angels to bring the Good News to the other apostles. John Chrysostom acknowledged Junia as an apostle. The following is something to consider:

“What does the Bible say? Paul calls Junia his kinsman and fellow prisoner. Like Paul, she had suffered persecution and imprisonment for the Gospel. Evidently, her ministry and faith were known even outside the church. Sometimes we forget what early Christians under the iron fist of pagan Rome had to suffer to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord. For Junia and Andronicus (perhaps her husband), being an apostle wasn’t a matter of privilege, but prison.” Read the rest here

Acts 8:3-12 tells us that women were sent to prison along with the men. Maybe guilt by association or because the women, too, were preaching Jesus?

being an apostle wasn’t a matter of privelege, but prison.


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2 Responses to “Was Junia really Joanna?”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Joanna is mentioned as the wife of Herod’s servant, named Chuza. Unless “Andronicus” is some other name for Chuza, it’s not the same man.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    CJ Mahaney and his band of apostate so-called “apostles” have unbiblically claimed the title of “apostle”. Does he deign to think he’s bringing the message of the Gospel to unreached people groups? Frankly, I think he and his drone-teachers are drunk with the power of celebrity and authority in their “humble” teachings.

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