A new friend

As I listened to the voice of a young girl on the other end of the phone, my heart broke as she relayed a very painful past through tears. I had only briefly met her before and knew of her through other close associations, but her words of pain tore a hole in my heart. She shared with me some of the most difficult things, and I felt so completely dependent on God to help me give consolation to her. I wanted to just hug her through the phone, and we spoke for awhile as I knew God had introduced us to encourage each other. She hasn’t left my thoughts and prayers for days now.

John 14:12

John 14:12

To my surprise, I received this beautiful art and a handwritten note from her in the mail a day later. I realized that just listening to someone going through pain can make all the difference, and in this situation much of that difference was in my own heart. I needed this, too, and I had been asking God just that day how He wanted to use me for His people and for those who are hurting and need to meet Him. He just wanted me to listen.


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