Bible passages about earthly positions

A couple of Bible passages were on my mind this morning, and they refer (at least to me) about the way Christians often relate to each other. The passages are James 2:1-13, and Luke 14:1-24.

What got me thinking was this question: What if we applied these verses about “earthly positional places in society” (my term applied to the practice of assigning a person’s status in society based on outward externals) also to those of gender role definitions? I can see in these Bible passages a tendency even for women to be excluded to join at the table “for meat” — not specifically food dining — but one of chewing on the Bible passages together in discussion. In most of the churches I’ve ever attended, the “meat of the Word” or theology discussions and studies pertaining to various Bible passages and the sermons that result, are reserved for men only. Usually only women’s Bible study groups are reserved for the “female” passages of the Bible. 2 Timothy 3:16 reminds us that the whole Bible is profitable for people, so segregating out women so they can study how to fill a perceived “role” (another word not found in the Bible) in order to be Christian women seems to me to be like saying to them “sit here under my footstool” (James 2:3-6), while men are free to dine in the “higher places” of the Word in a typical church. This is especially true of the churches who are defining themselves by “complementarian” teachings.

day is ending on the fields

day is ending on the fields

My challenge to myself over the last few years has been to personally lift up the brokenhearted and poor in this world. A current thought for me has been to help those who’ve been oppressed or looked down on because of social status, which often includes divorced people, single moms, developmentally challenged people, young adult women from broken families and women who’ve been affected by and/or left abusive males. It’s been challenging to my own comfort zones, but God has been reminding me on a regular basis of what it feels like to be marginialized. As a woman, I’ve felt the sting of rejection many times, especially in the area of Biblical studies. This identification is something I can feel the presence of my Lord Jesus in and I know that He knows my weakness and struggles when I’ve felt set aside. He also went “outside the camp” from religious people. He spent time with the socially marginialized.

I think Jesus has a heart for the “Marys” of this world, who want to just study at His feet and meet Him as their resurrected Savior.


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3 Responses to “Bible passages about earthly positions”

  1. Laura Wrede Says:

    I would like to invite you to share your thoughts with me as a Christian woman. I am also seeking to feature Christian women authors if you have any recommendations

    Laura Wrede
    National Women’s Ministry Writer for

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks, Laura, and welcome.

    I have a friend online who is currently writing a book on her experience coming out of a “patriarchal” family situation. Hillary’s site is Quivering Daughters at

    Her point of view is very valuable, as she is basically second generation to some oppressive teachings coming out of certain church teachings.

    Carolyn Custis James is an outstanding Christian author dealing with women’s issues in the Body of Christ. She’s a gifted theologian and thoughtful writer and speaker. Her website is

    Thank you very much for the invitation. I’m delighted to join in the discussion.


  3. Kathleen Says:


    Another Christian author is Julia Duin, who wrote the book “Quitting Church”. Her website is

    If I think of others, I’ll post them here.

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