The false teaching of “husband as prophet, priest, king”

This comment at Women in Ministry sums up why Bob Lepine’s and Calvin’s teaching on husbands as “prophet, priest and king” of their wife and family is just. plain. false. unbiblical, manmade tradition.

There is a chapter by Bob Lepine called “The Husband as Prophet Priest and King.” He argues like this: Calvin says Jesus had three offices: prophet, priest and king. Eph 5 says the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. Now I will quote directly from the book. “Today, Christ is the head of His church by serving as prophet, priest, and king. If the husband is to be the head of his wife in the same way that Christ is the head of the church, then as a husband he must understand the prophetic, priestly, and kingly roles he is to fulfill.” (102) … read the rest here


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14 Responses to “The false teaching of “husband as prophet, priest, king””

  1. Kathleen Says:

    This comment shows the direction that CBMW is heading; into “a Protestant magisterium that decides how the Bible is to be interpeted applied”:

  2. Lin Says:

    A friend of mine made a point that this statement is a half truth. Because in the family, the wife is also “prophet, priest and queen”

    And that is biblical. Women are prophetesses and they are part of the Holy Priesthood.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Lin, I agree with that, because Revelation 1:6 states, “And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.” There’s 1 Peter 2:4-8, 1 Peter 2:9, and Revelation 5:10.

    It’s funny how hierarchalists/patriarchalist teachers always seem to be preaching from the Old Testament, and they neglect these particular passages. I’ve never, ever heard them teach from these passages in all the years I attended the vocally complementarian, FIC homeschool church.

    I always appreciate hearing from you and your input. 🙂

  4. Lynne Says:

    Um, I don’t think these complementarians know what a metaphor is. When you compare something to something else, you always specify in what sense, since when you compare 2 things you’re saying they’re alike in some way, but not every way, since then they’d be identical. We know that in everyday communication, and the bible is really rich in figures of speech, using the things that we can see to help usunderstand the things we can’t see. When we’re told that we are parts of one body, it’s a metaphor of unity and interdependence, it doesn’t mean we have to be grafted together like Siamese twins! Being the flock of the Good Shepherd doesn’t mean we grow wool and eat grass, itmeans that we’re dependent on Hiscare and direction. And when Ephesians 5 compares husbands to Christ, it makes clear that the area of likeness is to be in their sacrificial love for their wives. It never suggests that they are like Jesus in every respect — so how can they pick and choose and demand to be regarded as prophets priests and kings? I notice they’re not saying they should be put to death and rise on the third day![shakes head]

  5. Kathleen Says:

    Lynne, you brought up some good points. It just seems like idolatry to me, whenever you elevate a human to some kind of higher spiritual status, and by elevating husbands/fathers as “prophets, priest, kings” of their families is also kind of a slam against the men who are unmarried or widowed, etc., not to mention the poor understanding of the analogy in Ephesians and wherever else people derive their aberrant teachings.

  6. cavman Says:

    One question: if Eve sinned first, why is it that sin and death entered the world thru Adam’s sin (Romans 5)?

    True complementarianism teaches that men & women are equal in dignity (both bear the imago dei) but different in roles. This is grounded in both creation and redemption. Paul uses the metaphor of Christ & the church to teach us about marriage in Eph. 5. Just as the church didn’t die to save Jesus and make Him holy, Jesus is not to submit to the church. Different roles.
    Men are to exercise their authority for the well-being of their wives. Love them, sanctify them, serve them. So husbands sacrifice while wives submit (within the bounds of Scripture, he can’t make her disobey God).
    You all act like we are blockheads, but this seems pretty simple to us. The Bible teaches equal access to the Father thru Christ (I’d even say that yes, women are “prophets, priests & queens” since they too are made in God’s image. But the creation order (which Paul argues in 1 Cor. 11 & 1 Tim. 2) stands affirmed in redemption. Gone is to be men lording it over their wives, or obeying their wives instead of God (see Gen. 3 and what God said to Adam).
    I think things some complementarians say are taken out of context. To argue for the high calling of a husband so he’ll be the husband God wants him to be should not be seen as an insult to a single man or a woman. The purpose was not to address their calling at that time. They too have a high and holy calling.

  7. Kathleen Says:


    Let’s start with your statement here:
    “True complementarianism teaches that men & women are equal in dignity (both bear the imago dei) but different in roles.”

    Thank you for that clarification on what “true complementarianis” teaches. I hope you got a consensus from all the different flavors of complementarianism out there for that, because it seems there’s no “official” statement that all comps believe the same.

    This statement, however, does not equal clear biblical truth or designations. For example, where does the word “role” occur in the Bible at all? Any references to “roles” regarding women and men? I can’t find the word in any search. So, I would next challenge the statement that it is also a presuppositional word to describe the duties or work assumed on a woman, derived from either examples in scripture (descriptive). We have to be careful reading biblical texts to know whether the text is being descriptive of things or prescriptive (don’t lie, cheat, steal — which aren’t gender based at all).

    You said:
    “Paul uses the metaphor of Christ & the church to teach us about marriage in Eph. 5.”

    Paul also uses the analogy of THE BODY for that chapter. It’s also THE BODY in Colossians. See the analogy? It’s a oneness.

    I respectfully disagree that Christ does not submit to His Bride. He GAVE Himself for her. He died for her. He submitted Himself and poured Himself out for her for her redemption. I’d say that’s a pretty good description of “submit(ting) to each other out of reverence to Christ”. (Eph. 5:21) He took the form of a bondservant, so I’d say that is the example meant for MEN and WOMEN, and yes, children who know Him and are growing in His grace. I don’t see pink and blue verses in my Bible; only BLOOD stained ones of His love.

    Thanks for your comments. I’d encourage you to read through some of the links I have up in my sidebar to the deeper studies that have helped lead me to my conclusions (which grow deeper as I study and walk with the Lord).

    May God grant each of us eyes to see and ears to hear Him and to grow in the knowledge of His grace.


  8. Daniel Says:

    I must say I do not find it strange that so many sites of women trying to teach or correct wrong thinking, teaching, etc always seem to hit on women being equal to men and trying to downplay the way God created men and women. The truth is the Word tells us directly, not hidden away somewhere, but Paul says it straight out in 1 Tim 2:12 “But I do not allow a woman to teach, or to exercise authority over a man, but to be in silence.” and should we forget Rev 2:20 “But I have a few things against you because you allow that woman Jezebel to teach, she saying herself to be a prophetess, and to cause My servants to go astray, and to commit fornication, and to eat idol-sacrifices.” But, don’t worry Kathleen, I know you won’t let that put you off, you will reply and will continue even if it means standing up against the Word … and just for good measure you will end with another comment about growing together in God and you only doing this in love. I am not suggesting that women have no part to play in God’s design, they play an important part, but by God’s design man has a specific role to play and this has been attacked by feminist groups for years. If you want to teach it should be to women (again as per the Word of God) in the things the Word gives instruction about.

  9. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Before you show your lack of knowledge on the subject, why don’t you visit the links in my blog that discuss in full the passages you just mentioned? A good place to start would be (Women in Ministry) and (Suzanne’s Bookshelf).

    These women (and men who participate in the discussions there) have done the heavy lifting for you in those blogs.

    You’ve presented the same “one verse out-of-context” response that doesn’t do justice to the careful study of the WHOLE of Scripture.

    For example, the Rev 2:20 verse refers to those who would lead astray, or one who would lead into idolatry. Some have believed that verse to refer to the institutional “church” with its worldly hierarchies. I believe setting a man up to follow is “idolatry”. We disagree on the understanding and emphasis of the meaning of that particular verse.

    Whether you like it or not, Holy Spirit-lead, believing women are teaching and men and women are learning and growing in the knowledge and love of Christ. They’re also being set free, which is a huge blessing.

    Your defense of your position is very curious. Why bother with me? If I’m just a lowly woman and have to be silent, why not just ignore me? There are more eloquent and learned women who I actually learn a lot from who would be a more formidable opponent (or servant?) to your “reprimands”.

    And, I just read your comment to my husband who said this about it:

    “Blah, blah, blah”.

    Yes, he’s educated in the Word, too. He graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible, ( when it wasn’t flooded with “Wayne Grudemisms” back then) in 1993 with a Bachelors in Theology. Do you have a degree? Have you ever studied 4 1/2 years of Greek? Do you know what? It doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not listening to the Spirit of the Living God, Who is no respector of persons.

    Face it; the internet has turned a great many women into full-time studiers and thinkers in the Word of God. And they are going to teach and instruct others (men, women and even impressionable CHILDREN) in the way of God.

    And that starts with a humble attitude, as a little child. That’s how I started in this journey, and ask God to continue to give me wisdom and understanding (as it says in James).

    Believe it or not, I used to go to so-called “feminist” (by your definition) Christian blogs and rail, either in my mind or sometimes would post how wrong it was for women to teach, when I just repeated what some pastor told me. Funny thing was, God showed me through some loving and very patient egalitarians (I like to call them my sisters and brothers in Christ) that there is a oneness in Him that comes from a deferring to one another out of reverence for Him and that DOESN’T come from lording over others in this world.

    These careful, years-long, days after days studies changed my vision of Jesus. He is my source of life and authority.

    And, just FYI, I read regularly the KJV and compare it with the TNIV. Both are my favorite. Both do NOT have the word “role” in them, so I don’t know where that “role playing” comes from, unless it’s a throwback from when kids “played” their “roles” in the games “cops and robbers” or “king of the hill”.

    So, ascribe all the evil motives to me you want. I know Whom I have believed and His Word is true.

    • territippins Says:

      Now, that Daniel has spoken,,,,,,,,,your only recourse is to repent of your feminist ways Kathleen. All you really needed was for a super spiritual super strong man to show you the error of your ways. Blah, Blah, Blah…..:)

      I noticed the recurring theme of “Jezebel”. I guess christian egalitarian women are also fornicators and idolators…..per Jezebel. The condescending attitude from comp men toward thier own sisters in the Lord surely stinks and God smells it.

  10. Kathleen Says:

    Hi Terri,

    As I was thinking about my response to Daniel I really empathize with his desire to follow God and love his wife or family the way God loves people. The problem is that the teachings he’s talking about are fear-based and go against nearly everything Jesus taught His disciples (and us).

    I once belonged to a group of fear/hate-based Christians that taught that women were a “plague” (in a spiritual sense; they’re the devil’s tool to cause men to stumble and not be manly men). Yes, it was a cultish, angry group of elitists and for some crazy reason I agreed on some minor point of theology (not relating to gender) with them. When I realized that they really DID believe women needed to be silent and that meant they monitored when I, as a woman, was online and not “tending to my family” (wth!?) and chastised me for having an opinion on some discussion, my eyes were opening to the fallacy of those interpretations of the Bible that put women in a lower class than men.

    The difference was, I knew what my Bible had actually written in it, and didn’t just take their word for it.

    Since then, I’ve gone through many adjustments in my understanding about the Scriptures and it always boils down to this in Romans 3:4 “Let God be true though every one were a liar, as it is written, “That you may be justified in your words, and prevail when you are judged.” And another great verse for me to remember is Romans 8:2 “because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death”.

    I really encourage our brother in Christ, Daniel, to read the links I provided in my sidebar and in this post to come to at least an understanding of where his brothers and sisters in Christ are coming from in regards to the teachings he finds “feminist” (which is a denigration meant to divide and not unite us in the love of Jesus.) I know — I’ve used the same types of responses to people before I came to where my understanding is now.

  11. territippins Says:

    Mine has been a ten year journey myself into egalitarianism. I would be lying to say that it was an easy transition. Related to Daniel above I have seen teenagers (14 and 15 years old) that have made the same observations about women that he has made above (and you know they are parroting what they have heard and been taught by others.) I actually had a 13 year old fundamentalist Baptist whipper snapper (male) tell me that ‘I’ had to be quiet during church (I am 42 years old!) A sense of entitlement is made plain to boys/young men at the point when they are old enough to sit still in church and listen to the speaker (7 or 8 ?) Fundamentalist men are fascinated with ‘Jezebel’ and with the word ‘roles’. You will not read any post that does’nt make reference to either one of these ( i have actually started counting how many times the word’ roles’ is used when comps respond in a post, you would be amazed!) The fact that the word ‘roles’ can not be found in the Bible means nothing because they can just use alternates “Gods chain-of-command, or ‘God’s divine plan”, ‘headship’ etc. or some other phrase or word that cannot be found in the Bible.

    The feminist movement has always been the favorite scapegoat for any ill or problem that occurs in the world or church. Women are encouraged to enter into the suffering of Christ but they are denied any possiblity of full identity with Him in the respect of power, authority and exaltation. That is why women are not perceived to be fully in the image of God (mind you, most comps wont say that out loud but that is thier philosophy, even though the Bible says that women are made in Gods image, Gen. 1:27.) Like you I know that comps sinecely believe what they teach about women. This indoctrination process makes men feel special to God. Now, feeling like you/men are special to God (at the expense of women) and that God gives his authority based on mens flesh (being born a male) only leads to more wrong thinking about women, and what Gods heart is towards women. People can be sincere, and at the same time be sincerely wrong. You can be taught wrong things by people you respect, this happens every day.

    I remember a quote that goes like this, “Ours is not a world of angels but of angles, where men speak of moral principles but act on power principles.” 😉

  12. Kathleen Says:

    Terri, your comment reminded me of the actual teaching that is/was taught and posted in HOFCC’s Mt. Hood congregation’s church info pamphlet.

    I asked an elder about it and wrote him my deep concerns about this teaching, citing scripture references and those that were taken out of context. He never got back to me. I was not important.

    You can read how they keep them women “silent” in this church here:

    I have the scanned copy of the pamphlet and gave it to an author to copy while doing an interview for his book he’s writing about why people (primarily women) leave the institutional church.

  13. Kathleen Says:

    Here’s the excerpt from that pamphlet. I didn’t alter anything.

    The Visitor’s Booklet has a section that reads:

    Using Our “Open Microphone” to Move In The Gifts Of The Spirit

    “Each one has a song, a teaching, a revelation …” (1 Cor.14:26). During our worship the Holy Spirit prompts believers to build up one another by means of spiritual gifts. This “body ministry” is welcomed, provided it is offered in keeping with the guidelines laid down by Paul in 1 Cor. 14:12-19 & 26-35. So, this is how it works.

    All of our men, ages 13+, are free to speak without prior “screening” by others. This is because, “the head of every man is Christ,” (1 Cor. 11:2-7). However, all that is said will be evaluated by the Elders and other men of the church as to its faithfulness to the Bible. Paul does not permit women to participate audibly [their emphasis, not mine] in the evaluation process (see 1Cor. 14:31-35). On the other hand, women may move in the spiritual gifts. Phillip had four daughters who prophesied. (Acts 21:9) But, because “the head of a wife is her husband” (1Cor. 11:2-7) a wife or daughter must ask her own husband or father for his [their emphasis, not mine] oversight before going to the “open mike.” [sp] Our Elders will cover for those whose husband or father is not present. Time may not permit everyone to share. Allow the Worship Leaders to pace the flow of this ministry, and defer to one another.”

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