McDonalds Delivers the Green

Putting a “plug” in for McDonalds here. Pardon the pun (hee hee!)

McDonalds offers a recharge for electric vehicles.

This is McDonald’s corporate response to environmental concerns with the public:

McDonalds 2009 Global Best of Green

Our approach to environmental responsibility is a multi-faceted effort that stretches from our supply chain to our restaurants. – McDonald’s Corporate Responsibility

Click here for a video which highlights McDonald’s Animal Welfare Auditing Program.

READ THIS informative article on many of the responsibly GREEN efforts that McDonalds has accomplished to make the world a more sustainable habitat for us all.

I just felt like promoting this business in light of recent conversations about the “evils” of fast food in comparison to straight-from-the-farm-and-garden cooking.


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2 Responses to “McDonalds Delivers the Green”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Watch this video for information on how McDonalds has complied with the development of humane treatment of animals:

  2. Kathleen Says:

    About McDonalds and its Social Responsibility:

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