Homeschooling is being hijacked

John Holzmann recently posted an article on his concerns about CHEC and the direction it’s taking homeschoolers, not only in Colorado, but now in Indiana. He points out that the Leadership Summit was held at a Gothard-owned facility, led by people like Kevin Swanson, who banned him from selling his homeschool products at the CHEC convention this past year. Though I am a young earth creationist because of the information I’ve researched, I think the lengths that Kevin Swanson went to in order to shut out another successful Christian homeschooling company was appallingly heavy-handed.

As I was thinking about the controversy of the exclusivism involved that I’ve seen in various forms in my own experience, I wondered if Kevin and Co. only use encyclopedias for their homeschooling children that do not include any entries with an evolutionary bent.

The self-described “patriarchs” are at the helm, and they’re gonna sink the ship.

Please drop by John’s blog to read his articles, and see why we need to allow an economy of free thinking.

Hey, Kevin Swanson! To quote Dr. Frasier Crane:

Copernicus called and you are NOT the center of the universe!”


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