A Woman’s Role in the Church

Last year I read a book entitled, Pagan Christianity. It was such an eye-opener to me that many of the traditions shared in churches today not only are just that, traditions, and not God-inspired mandates for people to follow, but Pagan in nature in some cases.

Today, as I was doing an internet search for new reading material on egalitarian thought, I came across this article:


How refreshing! I’ve found more invaluable evidence from the Scriptures to validate the gifts God has given me as a woman.

It’s a long article, and I’m still reading through it, but so many of the points he makes really touch home with me. If you read through any of it and want to comment, please share here. I’m loving this growing into knowledge of the fullness of Christ.


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3 Responses to “A Woman’s Role in the Church”

  1. thatmom Says:

    Thanks for the link, Kate. I am printing this out as we speak.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    You’re welcome.

    I’m still pondering some of the points made in the article, and I’m starting to connect some things together in what I’ve read in other articles and books by other students of the Word, like Carolyn Custis James and many other thoughtful believers.

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