The volunteer organization I’ve been involved with has given a wonderfully easy way to earn money for its operations costs through the simple act of web searching. When you search the web using GoodSearch, every unique search (not site specific) generates $.01 to a charitable organization. In all my searches on GoodSearch over the past 2 years, it’s helped to generate over $472. To make your search count toward the food organization to lower-income families, designate in the bar (Who do you GoodSearch for?) the name
Birch Community Services (Portland, OR). It’s neat to watch the amount credited go up each month.

There are nearly 600 families being helped with food, clothing and even classes to help them get back on their feet in this troubled economy. The volunteers work together to help serve the other families on the program and many of us pray for each other together while we work alongside each other. I’ve never seen another Christian organization like it. It’s truly a blessing.



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2 Responses to “GoodSearch”

  1. TulipGirl Says:

    I have that site set as one of the three “home” tabs that start up when I open firefox. I’m trying to use it more, but I just like google so much more and this one is powered by yahoo.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Setting it up on the home tabs is a good idea. I like google, too, and wish they’d utilize that, so I switch back and forth.

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