Sarah Palin Revives McCain’s Pathetic Campaign

The buzz in the media about McCain choosing Sarah Palin for Vice President has given me hope for this abysmal presidential race. McCain’s wishy washy policies and ideas are not palatable to me as an independent conservative (labels really mean little to me). His family values ***(which include a woman’s contrived “right” to abort her baby) are not worth endorsing, but Sarah Palin’s family values and conservative policies are much more appealing to me. She never seemed like an opportunist, like so many of the presidential candidates. Finally! A candidate (even if she only comes with the dotard McCain; just read his flip-flopping on global warming) we could actually be enthusiastic about. This could really stick it to the people who don’t think women can be good leaders. I’m pleased.

I’m an Alaskan and want to say that Palin ROCKS. We love her here and are quite proud of her, so I was elated to hear that she’s been picked for VP, if anything but just that she’s actually a *real* person— down-to-earth, smart, and got some great ideas. – molleth, TW blog

Light had some very, very good insight in this comment, and I agree 100%.

I’m laughing and cheering to see that the most lauded candidate for office among the conservatives (except for those patriarchal, idealistic VF-type men of late) is a woman, who shows what REAL integrity and values means. Not some huckster with an “army” (please.) Not some socialist lawyer with little experience and controversy surrounding his beginnings. Not some shrill, scene-stealing hack of a U.S. senator whose voice grates on my nerves every time I hear her. It’s the conservative Governor from Alaska who is raising a family and has shut the mouths of the smart lions. Thank God irony still exists in America.

Sarah Palin is a part of Feminists For Life. I LOVE it.

UPDATE: Check out the comments section in this post. I’ve included the search terms people have used to arrive at my blog. Subtlety is not one of silly patriarch’s and fear-based people’s strong points. Nice try, but I’m still laughing.

UPDATE #2 This person wrote their own perspective as an Alaskan on the VP pick of Sarah Palin.

***UPDATE #3 I want to retract what I wrote about McCain and his stand on abortion. As I’ve learned a bit more about his record, it seems he’s more pro-life than I previously knew. As with all candidates, no one is going to please everyone. I’m going to try to be more careful about those kinds of things in the future (Lord willing). Thanks for understanding.


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8 Responses to “Sarah Palin Revives McCain’s Pathetic Campaign”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Here is a sampling of some of the search terms in the past few hours:

    – palin pathetic
    – kate palin
    – mccain is pathetic
    – can anybody show me the real jesus video
    – how many fathers gave up their son for m
    – my god is king lyrics by laura hackett
    – pathetic sarah palin

    So, the stats are interesting. It doesn’t phase me. I still think politics stinks, and those who try to get a leg up on their fellow citizens from politics are the most pathetic ones.

    I just love irony. And Jesus.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Well, to be more informed and balanced in my thinking, I decided to post this link to a more thorough review of Sarah Palin’s work as governor of Alaska. It pains me to post this, because I so dislike dirty politicians, which seems to be the norm these days. Ah, well, it was nice while it lasted.

  3. RichardD Says:

    Kate – I hate politics too. I wouldn’t put too much stake in the rant you linked to from mudflats. Every phrase in that entire post was blatantly political and made use of many political dirty tricks. I think it would be best for us to await the standard media vetting process that has already begun and to ignore comments like “former pot smoker” and “involved in scandal.” These will be the typical attacks from the opposite side of the aisle and are to be expected. I think it is best to take Sarah Palin at her word for now unless (and until) she proves herself a liar.

    For now, what I’ve heard from her makes me very interested in having her as our next VP. What I’ve heard from her opponents increases my interest in her because it is exactly what I would expect the opposing party to do politically.

  4. Kathleen Says:

    Richard, you’ve given a good reminder to us all to just wait and watch. It certainly was an interesting move on McCain’s part to choose her, I mean, I can just see the Obama campaign trying to oppose her because she’s a woman (another type of minority, in gov’t. circles). Hillary could be gnashing her teeth at the idea of another woman getting to be VP. It’s all so ugly and this extremely long campaign cycle is so wearing on the American public.

    I’ll be glad when it’s over.

  5. RichardD Says:

    LOL – You ought to move to Washington, DC. It’s solid campaign cycle non-stop here.

  6. Mrs. C Says:

    I’m actually kinda peed off. McCain should have known better than to have asked a WOMAN to “balance” the ticket. You know, about every blogger I’ve read either will vote for McCain and feel used and hate it, or will jump ship entirely.

    I think politics is politics, and they’re trying to attract as many moderates as they can to the McCain camp. They’re hoping to rob some of the “I wish Hillary were nominated” people but HELLO, the people who liked Hillary won’t necessarily like Palin.

    In *my opinion,* all else being equal, there is no good reason for a woman to have a full-time job outside the home in our culture. (You know, barring extreme circumstance, etc etc.) I don’t want to be rigid and dogmatic and judgmental of people’s individual circumstances, which would differentiate me from your best friends at VF, but asking me to VOTE for someone to serve in office is different. ESPECIALLY when you have an infant and small children in the mix. I can’t say I’d never never vote for a woman ever, but it seems like the McCain camp figures people like me are slaves to the Republican party and will vote for him regardless of what he does.

    Well, I won’t. And if that means McCain loses, so be it. McCain shouldn’t have been the nominee in the first place. Obama will win, and hopefully the Republicans will do a little thinking next time and arrange things so that we don’t get dorkheads like McCain running next time. Maybe I am still mad about the “Tom Ridge” idea, but there you go.

  7. Kathleen Says:

    Mrs. C,

    I feel your pain. Actually, as I thought about the nomination for awhile, I started to wonder about the aspect of choosing a woman “just” because she’s a woman. That reminds me of the olden days when people would hire a minority of different skin color “just” to balance out the ratio. Or to meet a quota, and not because of qualifications. Does Sarah Palin have as much qualification as say, another man with her credentials for the office? Some say yes, some say no. I truly don’t know, either.

    You’re SO right about politics being politics. It’s so very sad that our country seems to be hanging by the thread of those people who seem to want to play games with the high office of president and vice-president, when we’re in a time of war, and people’s very lives are at stake. Even today, as we speak, the Gulf Coast is being hammered by Gustav. These are real lives that depend on decisions being made that will protect them.

    As far as Sarah Palin being able to handle being a mother of a baby, as well as older teens, I think it’s an individual issue. Some women can’t handle it well, and their families suffer. Some have terrific families, and hold full-time jobs, too. I don’t know how much time Sarah Palin gets to spend with her baby/family, and maybe she gets to interact with them more than the average “work-a-day” mom. There’s a picture of her holding her baby in a snuggly at her desk, signing some papers as Governor of Alaska. That’s was especially encouraging to see. (It’s on, I think). I’m reminded of the pictures of JFK and his son crawling under the President’s desk in the Oval Office.

    I’ve known about a Christian woman who worked full-time because her husband was shot in a robbery and paralyzed, unable to work. The wife had to go to work full-time in order to earn the money and maintain her health insurance while raising their young children. Her husband spent nearly a year in the hospital and died recently. The man was interviewed before he died and forgave the man who shot him.

    That’s a special circumstance, but there are so many other situations with people with chronic health issues that need the health insurance. I volunteer at a Christian-run community service (gleaning) organization. We have Christian men and women who come to us for help, many of the women have to take jobs to make ends meet. Many Christian women end up in divorce because of physical violence in their marriage, or their husband’s have died tragically in accidents, with several homeschool children to care for. We offer some computer training and success-at-work programs. These are sometimes women who homeschool, and sometimes have several children. They are doing what they need to do to survive. There are around 600 families as a part of this organization that participate, and that’s just in our metro area.

    All this to say, that I don’t want to discourage women who work outside the home. I have worked outside the home in the past, while my children were young, with a great deal of balance with my husband. I have dear sisters in Christ who do, and are making a wonderful contribution to society as well as the higher learning institutes in Seminary, and enjoying their families as well.

    This election, though, is really interesting, to say the least.

  8. Kathleen Says:

    I just sent this email to my favorite AM radio morning talk show host, Bob Miller, this morning:

    “I watched John McCain’s address last night and became teary-eyed when he described his reason’s for loving his country. I wasn’t a huge McCain fan before, but after hearing his humble thankfulness for his country, it inspired me. The speech’s highpoints, I think, were when he emphasized the unity of our great country. That’s more important than one man’s ambition. As far as Palin; I find she’s a kindred spirit and am pleased she’s his running mate. Last night’s speech, though, solidified my vote.”

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