The tree in my front yard

my front yard roses


Some of the photos you’ll find on my blog are ones that I captured from my own yard.  I’ve placed many in my header to showcase the seasons we have in beautiful northwest Oregon.  I’m thinking of starting a separate photo blog, inspired by another blogger.  Now, if only I could keep my camera batteries charged …  🙂



One Response to “The tree in my front yard”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I am SO there with you on the batteries thing. Inevitably, I might get one picture taken and then the dreaded “low battery” shutoff. By the time I find new ones, the sunset’s faded or the kid has moved on to something else or the pooch lost that cute look. Impossible to keep up. Must be a lesson in there somewhere. Your photos are beautiful, and those of us on the other side of the mountains can only sigh wistfully at all the natural green!

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