Growing Up in the 80’s

My dad called yesterday to encourage me to listen to a radio station I don’t usually listen to, and I was pleasantly surprised by one of the songs.  It’s called 19 Somethin’ by Mark Wills.  Watch and listen to this video to find out why.

I dedicate this song and video especially to my son, Michael (who loves to tease me about my “Flock of Seagulls” music generation), and to all you who can remember so many of these things in the video.  🙂


4 Responses to “Growing Up in the 80’s”

  1. Cindy K Says:


    I can’t believe no one’s commented here! How old are you? I was just about to turn 10 in September when I read about “Star Wars” soon release while staying with my grandparents, and I talked my grandfather into taking me to see it. I remember everything about that whole day which was wonderful, now that my grandfather’s no longer with us. I only saw “Star Wars” three times in the theater, though. Rubix Cubes and muscle cars. (“Whose Charger were you riding in last night when you came back home from youth group?” “It was the same Charger as always Dad — the son of the guy who you sat in church with last Sunday who lives 2 miles down the road.”) Funny, funny. And this new, strange thing called MTV. (Or cable, for that matter. We lived out in the country and we didn’t get cable until I was 12 or 13.) They left out Madonna, though, but I guess they would have had to pay royalties to her, and the country boys likely didn’t admit knowing who she was. (They had to change the name of “Madonna Hall” at my college to “Mercy Hall” because the girls would jump up and down and start singing “Like a Virgin” every time they walked through the doors!)

  2. choseninhim Says:


    I know!! Nobody wants to admit their “era” was the 1980’s, huh? I will be 42 this November. My husband also went to see Star Wars for the first time with his grandfather in Washington state. Everybody who saw it for the first time remembers when those gigantic words “STAR WARS” came on the cinema screen. I fell in love with Luke AND Han, and wished I was Princess Leia. The movie changed our lives.

    Oh! Do you remember when MTV just was sort of getting popular, and during the Christmas season, Nina Blackwood would wear these small Christmas ball ornament earrings? … my sisters and I copied the look 🙂 Or The Police video, with the guy swinging the guitar in the video “Synchronicity”?

    My dad would sing “Just the Good Ol’ Boys” in his best impersonation of his Merle Haggard singing voice, after he’d watch Dukes of Hazzard. He loved “The A Team” and would say, “I love it when a plan comes together”, to quote the one guy.

    I also remember my mom had all those strange tabloids (The Enquirer, for example), that showed Elvis in his coffin …. eww! I was really troubled by reading those things.

    I loved Battlestar Galactica, and recorded the audio of the pilot episode onto my mono tape recorder. The quality was pathetic, but I brought it to middle school to share with my friends anyway [blush]. At the end of my 8th grade, one of my favorite songs was, “Let the Good Times Roll” by The Cars.

    I remember the whole middle school being excused to watch together the solar eclipse that occured in the Northwest in 1980. That was cool. And then there was Mt. St. Helens erupting in May of that year. Everyone in the Northwest remembers where they were at when that happened, and the thin layer of ash all over Astoria.

    In 1985, after I had just met my new boyfriend (my dear husband now), we attended a Halloween party (I hadn’t met Jesus yet, and didn’t grow up in a Christian or Bible referencing home). I dressed up as a tame-looking Madonna, and my husband — get this — dressed up in black garbage bags and duct tape to form some kind of weird robot costume. By the end of the evening he was sweating like in a sauna (I’m SO giggling remembering this). We were only 19 and 20 years old, and so poor, but we had our new love for each other.

    I remember the first shuttle disaster. I was pregnant with #1, and working in an orthodontist’s lab making ortho. appliances for patients (I was learning). My boss and I were listening to the radio, and he heard it, told me, and we both stopped what we were doing and stood there. Everything stopped. The world stopped.

  3. choseninhim Says:

    I just remembered one of the funniest shows on TV at the time; The Cosby Show. A close 2nd was “Family Ties” with Alex P. Keaton. Man! I watched too much tv back then.

    The local hangout for teens WAS INDEED the skating rink, and I loved my skates, but I couldn’t skate very well. I feared falling too much. No, Xanadu was not the place for me (ha ha). I had to “Get Physical” some other way (sorry, couldn’t resist) and did try my hand at disco lessons for a brief time. Just long enough to learn some dangerous moves for the dance floor (and family reunions!) Seriously.


  4. Cindy K Says:

    I was doing my clinical rotation in a very posh private psych hospital and happened to be near a TV, as their were lots of them around. It was right before I graduated with my associates to be an RN, and they put a photo of it in our yearbook. It was odd that I was looking right at the TV right as it happened, standing at the nurses station.

    I didn’t watch much MTV, but I did remember a Cheap Trick video where the suspended lights hanging above the band swung back and forth. There was a Cars video that I liked and I remember that it was the first time that I heard the theme from “Romancing the Stone” on the associated video which I think was by Billy Ocean, but that could be wrong. And I liked the “Mexican Radio” video. (I wish I was in Tiajuana, and there I’d find me a big iguana.) I did like the Police, though. My grandfather who was practically deaf from working his latter years in a machine shop came to me to ask if I knew what Sting was singing about in “Canary in a Coal Mine.” He mined coal (and clay and sulfur) in Western PA (where his ancestors migrated from Great Britain to find work and escape London and the debauchery of the Victorian age). How he ever heard and understood that much of the Police, I’ll never know. You had to scream at him when you talked.

    I went to the “Dream of the Blue Turtles” tour and saw Sting. Great blues. And I went to a Yes concert. I used to think that the smell of marijuana was what Brute cologne smelled like because a friend of mine told me that’s what he wore (when he smoked and I didn’t know). I went to those concerts and thought that everyone was wearing Brute cologne. Whatta I know?

    And I used to have two crinkled gold/mylar finish belts that came with skirts, and I had a pair of leather heels with that kind of trim on them. Last summer, I saw the same accessories being modeled on the morning news show, so I am now old enough that some of that fashion has made it’s way back around again.

    I did a lot of rollerskating at two local rinks.

    I didn’t have any Friday classes during my last year of school (the Challenger year), so I would drive home on Thursday evening and would watch Family Ties and The Cosby Show. Then I worked all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday every weekend so I could have money to put gas in my NOVA that got 8 miles to the gallon!

    Then, mid ’80s, I donned a leotard and did flexercize at the local athletic club, back when I had a 23 inch waist and was never at a loss for male attention. OH! what was that brand of sneaker everyone used to wear? I can’t remember. It was the first all grey colored sneaker that people made especially for aerobics. I went to Nautilus for awhile, too.

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