Memorial Day is Sad

That’s why I couldn’t bring myself to posting anything yesterday.  My daughter passed away 11 years ago to the day on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26th, 1997.  I miss her and envy her life in the presence with our Lord Jesus, where there is no more falseness, or pain, or cliques, hierarchy or favoritism.  In Heaven (and in people’s hearts who are captured for Him on earth) Christ is all and in all.  His glory and redeeming life is magnified and praised, and believers in Him share the freedom to praise and enjoy Him forever.

This past week countless children have passed into glory to their Savior’s loving arms.  We don’t know their names; some were never named and saw the light of day.  However, when I see the smile on one precious child’s face and know they’ve passed on, I’m frozen in time, grieving along with the family.  One such child that passed on this week was Maria, daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman, the Christian singer.  Please pray for the Chapman family.

I’d like to present my own daughter, Jennifer, in this slideshow.

Memories of Jennifer

God blessed us with Jennifer for such a sweet, but short time here on earth. Someday, we’ll be together again with the Lord. What a gloriously joyful Day that will be!

The music is sung by Pablo Perez and Laura Hackett, entitled “My God is King”.


11 Responses to “Memorial Day is Sad”

  1. Mrs. C Says:

    I don’t know what to say except that I “happened” by your blog and watched your slideshow. I have a son just a few months younger than Jennifer and I cried during the whole thing. I’m sorry for all you miss with Jennifer now that she would have been 13.

    Kate, your blog is a blessing. I don’t agree with everything you say (I’m more of the conservative type), but I very much appreciate your respectful tone and your love of the Lord Jesus. Too often in Christian circles we fight each other instead of provoking each other into more godliness, empathy and humility.

  2. Stacey Says:

    I’m here from Mrs. C’s blog.

  3. Kathleen (Kate) Says:

    Thank you for your tender compassions. Mrs. C, welcome to my blog, and though my ideas may be different, I’m so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and His grace and love.

    Stacey, thank you for your words, too. They mean alot to me.

    I’m going through a pretty emotionally painful time at this time. Our family has gone through so much just in the past few months that the rememberances of my daughter seem really hard, especially since things are kind of unsure right now. My family is doing well together, but our church involvement has been, shall we say, less than encouraging. Sometimes what I’m going through here locally comes out on my blog, though my goal is to glorify Christ.

    Nearly everything on this blog is a reflection of things that I am in real life. My life isn’t perfect, but God has placed me in this world to minister to other imperfect people, too, by the grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    The Lord is gracious and gives me rest in times of trouble. I’m praying that I can learn to grow in His grace. My tone isn’t always sweet, and I’m passionate about His Word, so that can often put me at odds with modern civility. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. TulipGirl Says:

    Thinking of you. . .

  5. choseninhim Says:

    Thanks TulipGirl. God is so good and gives me His hope for the future through Jesus Christ. 🙂 My beloved husband and children are a great source of comfort, too.

    – Kathleen (Kate)

  6. Cindy K Says:

    I missed this the last time I visited here. It was probably for the best that I did as I was extra tender at the time.

    I’m going to come and find you on that day when God wipes all the tears from our eyes and we are going to dance.

  7. choseninhim Says:

    I keep thinking of that Day and how we will all be in unity, praising Him Who saved us and loved us. The millions of creatures praising Him and yet He will wipe away every tear. He knows us and loves us.

    I often think of the day when I get to Heaven even if I never get to physically meet (this side of eternity) you and other dear women (and dear men, children) I’ve come to know in the Lord over the past year or so, that we will reunited. What a Bride Jesus has!

  8. Cindy K Says:

    Unless we meet at a WWF conference, first!

  9. choseninhim Says:

    Oh! Is this a new plan? THAT would be so fun! Sometimes I feel so far out here on the Left Coast, while many of the women I’ve come to appreciate and love live in the middle of the country. Except for Molleth. She’s out here, too, only very North of me, and another sister I just met last night through email, who lives in OR. I don’t know many others who are close.

  10. Kathy P Says:

    How old was Jennifer when she went to Heaven? I enjoyed the slide show.

  11. Kathleen Says:

    Hi, Kathy 🙂

    She was 2 1/2 years old. Thanks for watching. Those are such bittersweet memories.

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