FlyLady Helps Me Fly!

  FlyLady Helps Me Fly!

The FlyLady’s motivational website has helped me to get my home organized and clean, and my thoughts have become a little less anxious because of clutter.  Because we’ve homeschooled and collected many books and craft projects and gotten sidetracked (I’m a S.H.E), FlyLady’s “BabyStep” encouragement helps me to be excited over my small achievements in my home and life.  Unlike many teachings in various homeschool venues, my worth is not based on how “biblical” my home looks. 

The fun and uplifting daily emails and motivational tools have seemed to be a message of graciousness that I have needed for my housekeeping skills.  Like they say on the Allstate commercial:  “Life comes at you fast.”  With lots of activities over the past 2+ years, remodeling of our kitchen, and a wedding, things really got out of order in our home.  So, the “no-guilt” approach that FlyLady has taught really works for me.  They also have weekly blogtalkradio call-in talks shows that have given me encouragement, too.


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