Still, Here

I’ve been reading blogs, and emailing friends and family, but my own blog has been quiet for awhile.  When life isn’t so hectic, I’ll be sharing about how my son’s wedding turned out (Sunday, January 20th) and perhaps some interesting details. 

Last Sunday I listened to a sermon (click here for link to audio) that made me rejoice.  My friend, Steve Edwards, preached about prayer on Jeremiah 33:3 and Matthew 6:5-15 and featured an aspect of prayer that I’ve been pondering about “entering the Throne Room of the King”.  This concept has been on my mind a lot over the past year or so and it was a wonderful confirmation of what the Lord has been showing me in my relationship with Him.  My friend brought up a common phrase the puritans used with each other about prayer (I haven’t any confirmation of that yet, but nonetheless, it gets you thinking), and they’d say to each other, “Have you gained access today?”  They would be referring to prayer and gaining access to the Throne Room of God our King.  What a wonderful encouragement to us to pray to our Father in Heaven.


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