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There’s been a turn of events at the Truewomanhood blog, a place I go to learn what women are really thinking.  Read to the end in the comment section; I’ve got a couple of thoughts thrown in there, too.  If that seems incredible, you can take a look at what I’ve blogged about over the past year or so here:

The Phone Call [plus links UPDATE 12/27/07]  —  It’s long, but be sure to read the comment section carefully for details on the spiritually abusive tactics employed by some who are immediately there to defend MW.   Between hearing her voice on the YouTube video at Arlington and comparing it to my phone caller January 2007, and her blog post regarding the evolution of her homeschooling philosophy in April 2006 ( add the  http://  and the   to connect; I don’t want her to remove it just yet, even though I have it saved) and how it was the same story my phone caller gave me about her daughter (it’s all saved on my blog) that I discovered AFTER I’d received that call —  I became completely convinced that all the details in my interaction with her online and offline that pointed to her involvement could not be coincidental. 

An Internet Journey   —  My journey in all this controversy.  To be clear:  I have no aught with ANYONE of the people who have been fooled in this internet mess that certain people have created.  I’ve learned good things from so many, but the whole learning process is stunted when certain ones are not being forthright in their beliefs or behind-the-scenes activities.  I consider the ones seeking after truth, like me, to be my brethren and friends. 

Open Rebuke  —  Please read especially the comment section about the Patriospeak blog controversy.  I still am trying to sort through the involvement of who’s behind that blog, but my gut tells me the same thing.

Drawn and Loved by Him said …   —  My response to certain tactics.

Contradictions   —  It may begin to make sense.

Internet Monikers and Accusations   —  Read my comment section especially here as well as the rest to show how there have been double standards applied towards some, while ignoring the equally important matters of accountability.

There’s more, so look around on the phone call/LINKS  page.

One last note:  Don’t forget to have some Holiday Cheer with this video, that seems to lighten up the mood for today.


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5 Responses to “Truewomanhood Discussion”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow. I had no idea. I wonder how much of this is being addressed on Jen’s blog; it’s all private now. Has it occurred to folks that this was the exact type of behavior she was accused of all along the DP trail? If his teachings really are out of whack, how in the world is she helping by acting like this?

  2. choseninhim Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I don’t know if it’s being addressed at Jen’s blog, but it’s coming to light at Truewomanhood and with several people, at that. Much of what several of those women, Cindy K., Corrie, Lin and others, are being responded to and treated by Jen nearly the same way I was treated when I tried to confront Jen on her blogs this whole last year. Some of the interactions are amazingly similar to my own experiences I’ve had documented on my own blog here for over half a year now.

    She’s not helping herself, is what is the problem. I’m praying for her and this situation to come to the light. In light of all that I’ve studied and believe about the central theme of the Gospel, I do think that DP teaches things that are Gothard and extra-biblical in light, as well as many of the other men being mentioned over on TW blog. It’s got to be about Christ and Him crucified and everything that flows out of that understanding.

    So, it’s a very tangled thing to sort out, I think.

    God bless you,

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    It’s got to be very difficult for these women who were very vocal supporters of Jen’s for a long time. Jen’s writings in recent months have seemed to take a broader, more theological turn than her earlier postings. I know she’s intimated that she has been being tutored or guided so to speak, although I don’t follow it regularly enough to have caught who was doing this teaching. Nothing seems to have been out of order; I don’t know the specifics really and am unsure enough of my own theological bent to really comment one way or the other. Still, the shutting down of her direct crusade against DP a few weeks ago (as well as Mark apparently following in her footsteps) was a surprise. Those folks that follow it all online and have not been in the private loops of e-mail/phone/what have you conversation probably have missed a lot going on in the background good or bad. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out, although it seems information will be sketchy. It also seems the DP folks have dropped all mention of it for a long time, at least in the few places I was familiar with online.

    At any rate, as I’ve told you before, Kate, I’ve grieved for the attacks leveled against you. Agree or disagree about the appropriateness of blogging about all of this, the truth or falseness behind the patriarchal teaching, etc., some folks have been just downright nasty. I just hope no one comes out permanently scarred from all of it, up to and including the Epsteins themselves for what that’s worth.

    Take care and God bless,

  4. choseninhim Says:


    Your words are very kind and encouraging to me. Yes, I was really hurt in the past by all the grief I took for stating what had happened to me (the phone call and subsequent conversations) but God is so wonderful to restore these friendships and to bring about the Light and Truth to these situations. He’s not done, either.

    I pray regularly for relationships (first with the Lord) to be restored among so many that have been affected by all this. I also pray that right doctrine, that aligns with scripture and the Spirit who bring life to it and to the lives of those whom God is quickening, will be established in each one’s heart. He reigns and no power of darkness shall ever overcome His good work.

    There is alot right this very hour that has come out in the light and that is a very good thing, because it needs to happen in people’s lives now, while they live on this planet, before they ever meet the righteous Judge and Ruler who is our Lord. He is our Good Lord, though, and loves us enough to chastise us and to form Christ in us. I’m so pumped, if you will, to see how He is so in control of all things, and that prayers are being answered.

    God bless you, my sister Elizabeth,
    Kathleen (Kate)

  5. choseninhim Says:

    I also want to say: I have no ill feelings toward my sisters and brothers in Christ who have fallen victim to the evil schemes some have had for the Body of Christ. On the Truewomanhood blog, of which I’m so appreciative of the honest debate allowed to occur, I’ve even publically seen restoration between hurt and affected parties restored, and I’ve asked forgiveness for my own emotionally-packed and consequentially, sinful, responses toward those who have also fallen into wiles of the devil and the flesh. Others have asked my forgiveness and I rejoice with them with tears to receive them as my sisters and friends. There is no bitterness or resentment on my part towards them. I’m sincere in wanting true fellowship with those who are seeking Truth, and the Author and Perfecter of our faith, Jesus. I love my brethren. I hate the deeds of darkness. That’s why, admittidly, I’m still working through my feelings about those who are still caught in the devil’s/evil workings. I pity them, more than anything, I think. But I’m not permanently injured because of them. That’s the beauty of the healing of Jesus.

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