Who is The Real Jesus?

People have been asking that question for millenia. Is He the Prince of all Peace? Did He actually give not just one blind man his sight but many blind people eyes to see? Does He continually pray for His people, His Bride, and even send  the comfort of His own Spirit to us? Did He come as a vulnerable baby and does He reign as King now? Is He the Lord and Savior and Love of your life? I’m learning to know the Real Jesus, through His precious Word and His everlasting Spirit revealing the love my Father has for me.

 I read an interview about the song, The Real Jesus by the band, Downhere, and the writer, Marc Martel writes that the song “went from a song with little to no focus to a very poignant one that I think most believers will realize is a call out to them—to us, the church.” The Real Jesus is featured on the album Wide-Eyed and Mystified. Read the rest of the short interview here. Listen to the song here. (Just click on the song in the music player).

Jesus on the radio, Jesus on a late-night show
Jesus in a dream, looking all serene
Jesus on a steeple, Jesus in the Gallup poll
Jesus has His very own brand of rock and roll

Watched him on the silver screen
Bought the action figurine
But Jesus is the only name that makes you flinch

Oh, can anybody show me the real Jesus?
Oh, let Your love unveil the mystery of the real Jesus

Jesus started something new
Jesus coined a phrase or two
Jesus split the line at the turning point of time
Jesus sparked a controversy
Jesus, known for His mercy, gave a man his sight
Jesus isn’t white

Jesus loves the children, holds the lambs
Jesus prays a lot
Jesus has distinguishing marks on His hands

If anybody walks behind the Good Shepherd
If anybody holds the hands that heal lepers
And if you recognize the eyes that see forever, please…

Jesus, Jesus
Oh, can anybody show me Jesus
Oh, let Your love unveil the glory, the real Jesus

Oh, can anybody show me the real Jesus?
Oh, let Your love unveil the glory of the real Jesus, the real Jesus


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