Will Smith in “I Am Legend”

Last night my husband and I saw the movie I Am Legend. The premise of the story is that Dr. Robert Neville is the lone survivor of a virus in New York City and is also a scientist who has been attempting to eradicate the virus. He has one faithful companion left to keep him company, his dog Sam, and together they brave the streets of New York to survive.

I was impressed with Will Smith’s performance as well as the sheer magnitude of what it took to film such a production. There were strong references to faith in God, as well as a testing of that faith on the part of Will Smith’s character, Robert Neville. In the beginning of the crisis, strong faith in God is emphasized (even a prayer), during the crisis it’s challenged, and at the end the audience is artfully reminded of the value of traditional faith in God. I would have liked to have seen a Bible reference brought into the hope for the situation, but that’s just how my mind and heart work.

Because this is a sci-fi movie, the “creepy” factor comes into play in the film, but the real character of the film is Dr. Neville and his ability to survive in such lonely circumstances. It was reported that Will Smith spent time interviewing former POW’s and jail inmates who were familiar with solitary confinement to get some insight into his role for this film. I recommend this film.

When we got home, I watched a quick interview with another actress, Jennifer Morrison of House fame, on the TV Guide channel. She was in attendence of the premier of I Am Legend and was asked what she would do or read if she found herself alone in such a crisis as Dr. Neville in the film. Her answer was refreshing. She said she’d bring/read “the Bible. Because you could just read it over and over again. You don’t get tired of reading the Bible, right?” I’ve been looking for that quote online but can’t find it just yet, but she did say it or at least my quote of it is very close. A whisper of hope in Hollywood.


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2 Responses to “Will Smith in “I Am Legend””

  1. C.L. Mareydt Says:

    thank you for your review … i have been interested in seeing this movie … now maybe i will make room to see it. peace.

  2. Zazu Says:

    I find it ironic that the person said she would bring her bible. I am legend used so many bible references it was scary. Just read revelation to understand what i am talking about

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