Broken Cars and the Gospel

Driving down I-205 this morning, I heard a ghastly sound I didn’t want to hear coming from my engine.  I was thankful that The Whiny, High-Pitched Sound abruptly ended — once my car’s engine shut down 🙂 .  Maneuvering my car into the “split” between the right lane and exit, I turned on my flashers and looked under the hood at the engine, as per what all people in the movies do when their cars break down.  I didn’t have a clue what to look for.

The friends I had been driving with (one vehicle following behind) went on to our songwriter’s practice while I awaited the tow truck.  One dear friend suggested I might have a chance to witness to someone.  As I waited in my trusty farnacle-family-mobile (that needed some TLC), I asked God if He wanted me to witness to someone today, to open that door.  I didn’t think He would actually DO that, but He did open that door today.

I got to share a bit of the Gospel with Aubrey, a single dad because his daughter’s mother died during childbirth, and he shared a bit of his struggles.  He has an understanding of God, and is trying to “do the right thing”.  Relying on God to give me words to speak, I shared what Christ did on the cross for us, how God is “working all things for our good”, and a bit of my past about losing a child (she’s safely kept with the Lord, really).  I told him I was on my way to practice a song I wrote for Sunday, and he let me sing it to him.  It encouraged him and I believe God’s seed was watered in him today.  Be ready to go through those “open doors” God has for you to share the hope that is in you!

A portion of the song I wrote:

VERSE 2:        
            Bm                     G
Your Spirit came to set me free
            D                     A
from all my hopelessness
                  Bm                        G
Bringing life to those who put their trust in
              D            Asus – A
Your great faithfulness
          G               Asus – A
And as I look upon Your Face
  D/F#                    G
Drawn by Your grace
                      C                      Em7            Asus – A
You are working all things for my good

If you’d like to read the rest of the lyrics just email me in the address found on my About Me page in my sidebar.


3 Responses to “Broken Cars and the Gospel”

  1. Elizabeth F. Says:

    Wow, that’s so cool!


  2. Dawn Says:

    I was just at Elizabeth’s page and saw a couple pics of Michael’s wedding – I know I should have realized how grown up the kids would be now but nothing brings that into focus quite like seeing a wedding photo. I am just floored. We have been out of touch for so long that it is hard to pick up the phone and just say hi. So Hello to you and the family. It certainly looks like all is well with you.

    With Love
    Dawn Napper-Langdon

  3. choseninhim Says:

    Thanks for coming to my blog. It’s been so very long and so many things have changed since we last saw each other. I was just commenting to DH on Valentine’s Day when we went out for dinner that our relationship has seen a lot of water under the bridge, lots of lessons learned, etc. — and I was glad to be married to him. It’s God’s grace and mercy and love He’s teaching us that He’s kept us together to weather the storms in life.

    Our email isn’t the same as it used to be, so I’ll contact you at your email address, if that’s okay?


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