Mike Huckabee, Presidential Candidate [update 10/14/07]

I’ve heard some good things about Mike Huckabee, presidential candidate.  Several people I know will vote for him and I’m also considering voting for him.  This isn’t an easy area for me to talk about, since politics took up a lot of my time and thought-processes years ago.  I dread even putting any trust in “man” to bring about moral, social and even political change that can usually only be brought about by the softening of dead, hardened hearts toward His will by His Spirit.

If anyone has any insights into Mike Huckabee’s Arkansas governorship, or his run for the presidency, I’d like to hear them. 🙂  I’m not a fan of reconstructionism, though, since I don’t believe that Christians are capable of turning this world around, or cleaning up the world for Jesus’ return.  I’m just so focused on King Jesus, that anyone else seems irrelevant.  He reigns now and most people don’t want to live under His rulership in their lives.  May the Lord’s will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven, regarding this presidential race.

UPDATE:  As I read more on Mike Huckabee’s website, I found this disturbing quote on his solutions on immigration reform [thanks, Spunky, from the comment section at the Miz report for the wayback machine link]:

“We need to create a process to allow people to come here to do the jobs – plucking chickens, tarring roofs, picking fruits – that are going unfilled by our citizens. They must have a tamper-proof, scannable I. D. with a finger or retinal scan, so that their employers know they belong here.”

I’m sorry, but that would only be viable if EVERYONE had one to distinguish the illegal criminals from the citizens of this country.  Sounds pretty “mark of the beast-ian” to me.  No, thanks, sir.  You’ll have to come up with a lot better solution than that.  Say, why don’t you just use the LAWS already in place to protect more American jobs and taxes from being stolen by illegal aliens and their children? (My children and I never got preferential treatment when applying for food stamps while my husband went to Bible college and worked full-time in a low-paying job.  In fact, we were grilled more scrupulously because we were married and I stayed at home to care for my infants and toddlers.)  Let our citizens pluck chickens, tar roofs, build structures, mow people’s lawns and pick our crops like they did in my early years as a teen, and what my husband did all through college (fast “hot, delicious” food).  Yes, some of us Americans are not too fragile and snobbish to do hard work.  We did it before, we built a NATION during a horrible time of war (remember how WWII brought us together as a nation?)  Remember Rosie the Riveter?  Yes, and we can thank the people who worked to build our homes in the 40’s-80’s and picked our berries.  Taking a mark for I.D. would not work if we are only requesting criminals to do it.  It only works if you impose that on EVERYONE.  It’s a slippery slope.   Hopefully, Mike Huckabee can be convinced of a better option to remedy the illegal alien problem in our country.



3 Responses to “Mike Huckabee, Presidential Candidate [update 10/14/07]”

  1. choseninhim Says:

    What is Covenant Marriage?

    Covenant Marriage offers couples who marry the choice of making a more substantial legal commitment in marriage than the standard “no-fault” marriage contract permits. Louisiana, Arkansas, and Arizona have passed covenant marriage legislation. Generally, a covenant marriage requires 1) pre-marital counseling by a minister or other competent professional about the nature of marriage as a serious, lifelong commitment (as well as the legal obligations of a covenant marriage); 2) a legally enforceable obligation to take all reasonable steps to preserve the marriage if marital difficulties arise; and 3) somewhat restricted grounds for legal separation, the latter usually available after the lapse of a longer waiting period without alleging fault).

    Arkansas Covenant Marriage option:

    I always thought that covenant marriage was also a clear step into our liberties as 1) believers and 2) American citizens. That is also something that falls into, “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder” or, “What God has called holy, let no one call unholy”, or regulate or disannul or take authority over. It seems like another non-issue that becomes a hot ticket for those who are looking for reform.

    This article also highlights some of the inconsistencies of a “covenant marriage” law:


  2. choseninhim Says:

    This article and Spunky’s comments are very informative.


  3. choseninhim Says:

    “Open Letter to Dr. Michael Farris and HSLDA”:


    “There is an article on the HSLDA website from around the year 1999 when Arkansas gained the “unique distinction of becoming the first state in the nation to add restrictions to its existing home school law….The new law, among other things, establishes notification deadlines and imposes a 14-day waiting period before parents are allowed to withdraw their children from public school to begin home schooling mid-semester.” * The article commends Mike Huckabee’s original work to support home schooling, but clearly points out his support of Act 1117 (the legislation mentioned above), which he signed on April 5th, 1999. Even Mike Huckbee’s true commitment to home schooling is questionable.”

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