School Daze

This school year is turning out to be very busy.  I really don’t know how other home educating families do it, I mean without losing their sanity in the process.  There are so many to-do’s on my list that it seems impossible to complete.  We have ballet 3 days a week out of town, Classical literature on Thursdays, outside music class, and our teens’ regular book studies  — Math, History, English, tests, and we’ll be starting an introduction to basic chemistry.  My younger son may be picking up a once-a-week job soon.  I put in a full day working/volunteering outside the home 1 day a week and I also drive 2 hours to pick up my oldest son’s fiance’ weekly so she can spend the weekends with us.  Did I mention in a post before that we’re also planning a wedding for this winter?  In the words of George Jetson on the out-of-control automated dog-walker:

“Jane, stop this crazy thing!”

All these activities are in addition to maintaining a home, and that gets neglected pretty easily.  In the midst of all these “to-do’s” I’ve been trying to find creative time to compose music and lyrics for songs that could be sung congregationally.  It can be a challenge, since I’ve never tried my hand at this before, but the couple of early versions of songs I’ve shared with some people have elicited some positive responses, so I guess I’ll keep running with this creative aspect in my life right now.  Where to find the time!?  Probably in the shower, while putting in a load of laundry, and while driving my car, only — how do you write a song down while you’re driving?  

This year we’re also more involved in spending time with other families at our church.  Lately we’ve been meeting with others nearly every weekend.  It’s been good — I’m not complaining — I am glad to be with people and share in each other’s burdens and rejoice with them in their rejoicing. 

So, if you have time to respond, how do you fit all your “to-do’s” into your day?


2 Responses to “School Daze”

  1. thejambi Says:

    Hi, I found your blog randomly..

    I decided to comment because mentioned how meeting with others from your church, having the opportunity to really share each other’s burdens – it’s the way things are supposed to be, and it’s good. I’m reminded again of how wonderful it is to be at a church where our small college group is so closely knit..

    – Zach

  2. choseninhim Says:

    Thanks for randomly visiting my blog 🙂

    You’re right about the way it’s supposed to be about sharing in each other’s burdens. Online journaling really is much like posting an article or commenting in the local newspaper. There’s usually no real-time, flesh-and-blood interaction, where people can really look at and enjoy your fruit of the Spirit growing in your life. It’s easy to get boastful with words, when people don’t have to see how we/others actually live out our faith and convictions. It’s good to have close christian friends, who’ll actually pray for/with you and help to keep you accountable to the Word of God.

    I went to your blog and saw some poetry or songs that I assume you wrote. They’re really thought-provoking and I’ve recently been working on lyrics for songs, too. Most of the time I feel like I want to start to “lyricize” many of my thoughts now.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂 I’m glad to meet you.

    – Kate

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