Someone Listened

I returned home from the doctor’s office and was really happy to not have to stress over the unknown anymore. I think the unknown is the biggest part of anxiety. You don’t know what’s going to happen, so your mind makes up all kinds of scenarios, especially if you’ve had negative similar experiences in the past. I’ve dealt with plenty of doctors, RN’s, nurses who THOUGHT they were doctors and were rude and arrogant, and plenty of other medical personnel. Believe me — they are not all as entertaining as Dr. House, M.D. (FOX network).The news was not happy news, but it can be managed. Thanks to modern medicine, this condition can be dealt with, but I really hope to find the best resources of treatment for the duration. It’s my goal to not let this one thing become a huge obstacle in life, but something that will point towards God and His mercy and hope. Incidentally, this appointment was not for me.

The doctor, get this, listened to our concerns! This doctor actually paid attention to us and was attentive to my own research, and as it turned out, my research was right on the mark. This response from this doctor restored the very little confidence I had left in the medical “professions”. The good ones are like diamonds in the mine. So, we left the doctor’s office actually happy, walking in the morning sun, knowing that someone listened and took our concerns seriously. Thank you, God.

My husband has made the comment before that God, in His mercy, has allowed technology and the development of certain medical procedures and drugs. Not all things modern, especially in the medical field, are to be feared. It is a mercy from God that He’s allowed certain scientific discoveries such as the development of insulin therapy for diabetics, open-heart surgeries for heart patients and even the feared drug Accutane for severe acne. Less than one hundred years ago, people diagnosed with diabetes (where their pancreases don’t produce insulin anymore) usually died horrible and painful deaths before the discovery of insulin.

Thank God for doctors who listen to the needs of their patients.


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