Life as a Musical: Hal’s Ballad

Malcolm in the Middle – #611 [Dewey’s Opera Part 3]

This is a clip of Hal professing his love for Lois.  Ah, unconditional love 🙂


Hal’s Ballad

Lois, don’t be embarrassed
I know everything about you

I know when you think you’re alone
You have to check if your ears have grown
Everyday before you go to work

You know how I panic
When I see a monkey
I’ve seen you take pizza
From the garbage and eat it

I know all of you
You know all of me
But it’s only us, my love
Noone else knows
Noone else, noone else, noone else.


One Response to “Life as a Musical: Hal’s Ballad”

  1. Elizabeth F. Says:

    Priceless and funny! ;D

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