John Piper and Family-Oriented Church Reform

I like much of John Piper’s teachings.  He’s encouraging to my faith, especially the time he preached in Boring, Oregon.  My teaching elder was invited to Bethlehem Baptist to *”participate in a summit on reforming their church’s approach to youth ministry.” The elder at my congregation *”will be serving as a resource person and consultant as their youth pastors seek to define a more family-oriented approach to discipling their young adults.”  Also, he goes on to say in an email to our congregations, *”This will not be an easy task because Bethlehem Baptist has a 125 years heritage and their traditions are well established.  There are a number of members who do not understand why any reforms are needed. John Piper and the ministry staff are fully supportive of reform, but some members are asking what benefits there might be in turning the youth ministry back over to the parents of the young people.” 

So, it seems that family-integrated church may be in plans at the 125-year-old church of John Piper, Bethlehem Baptist.  Whatever will happen when the parents actually are faced with their training up of their children in God’s Word? [tongue in cheek]  I think it’s great they’re at least open to the idea of looking into this form of “un-program” centered church structure.  John Piper is pretty unattached to cult-like teaching (said tongue-in-cheek; Piper’s right on the central message of the Bible) and I think he brings the Gospel to the forefront of his sermons.  I like that about him.

*these quotes taken from a congregational email sent to my family


One Response to “John Piper and Family-Oriented Church Reform”

  1. Micah Says:

    It is great to find another John Piper fan, and I am pleased to know that they are considering this. What a major step for a larger church.

    When I say I am a Piper fan, I simply mean he preaches the Gospel. I would not go and drink any poisoned Kool-aid with him or anything……..

    unless of course he told me to…. 🙂

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