God’s Testimony of Himself in My Life

“After years of trying to please God and earn His love for me, I gave up and left the church I had been attending  with my family. How could all these people sing praises about His love? How could they have joy? Didn’t they know  that life is hard for some of us? I was harboring bitterness and envy of the lives of ease and riches these people  must have had to make them love God so much.I had been through a lot since first being introduced to the Bible 17 years earlier. I truly believed Jesus was God  and the Bible was true. But my profession of faith was mostly based on the idea that if I continued to have enough  faith, performed the duties of a Christian, and continued to try not to sin, then God would love me. But if I  screwed up, I could jeopardize my salvation, or chance at eternal life in heaven. This took so much effort and  energy for so many years that I was worn out, with no security of ever pleasing God.As time went on the bitterness and grief escalated. My youngest daughter had died years earlier from a heart  condition, our family’s finances were in ruins and my marriage was truly suffering. Where was God in the midst of  my pain? My prayers went up to God, with words of accusations toward Him for letting me suffer. After all, hadn’t I  done all that a christian should do to please Him? 

During a period of months, I was becoming more acquainted with the Bible. I was reading many passages, trying to  gain comfort and learning. Then one day as I was studying I came across some passages that spoke directly to my  heart. I was a sinner, spiritually dead in my sins, unable to come to God on my own terms. Just like Lazarus needed  Jesus to call him out of the tomb and give him life, so I needed God to give me His eternal life through Jesus  Christ. I needed to be born again. Praising Him with tears streaming down my face, I realized the God of the  Universe had chosen me to be his child, forgiven my sins through Jesus’ death on the cross and raised me to  spiritual life with him when he resurrected from the grave. I can look forward to heaven someday, not because of  any good works I could ever possibly do, but because of what Jesus did for me on the Cross. 

I’ve been sharing the good news of what Jesus has done in my life with anyone who will listen. My faith in God  through Jesus Christ has carried me through difficult times and I am confident in His love for me. His Word gives  me strength and guidance and I no longer fear that I could lose my salvation. My marriage has been healing, and our  family attends a congregation (same one as before) of believers who preach the Bible and love each other. Life has  been hard, but God is good, and His mercies are new every morning.”



One Response to “God’s Testimony of Himself in My Life”

  1. neilrobbie Says:

    Thank you for your story. I’ve been down a similar, painful, road and, like you, came out the other side with a clear vision of the grace of God in Christ to sinners like me.

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