Pirates of the Caribbean Reenactment

Pirates of the Caribbean reenactment

My children made this video as a birthday present for me. The Jack Sparrow character is my daughter, as well as one of the guards. My son is the other guard. The bloopers at the end are hilarious!


3 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean Reenactment”

  1. roberta Says:

    That was great! Such talent! Not the quiet kids I would chat with at church! 😉
    Happy belated birthday Kathleen. 🙂
    God Bless,
    Roberta 🙂

  2. choseninhim Says:

    Roberta, my beloved sister!

    I am so glad you liked it. They are so funny together and keep me laughing all the time. Our family relates to each other in movie quotes often. It’s fun at dinnertime. They are quiet when they want to be, but they have such neat personalities. Sometimes I think they’re waaayyy more mature than me. God is good!

    Thanks, my birthday was months ago. They did another wonderful slideshow for me on Mother’s Day that was full of laughs, too.

    I miss our talks.

    God bless you Roberta

  3. Some of my dearest friends are pirates … « Kate’s Chosen Says:

    […] a Pirate Day, September 19th, but decided it wasn’t fit reading.  So, as an alternative, please take a look at my son and daughter’s video they put together for me to get your sample of pirate-speak.  My daughter portrays a more silly version of a pirate […]

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