Not Many Wise, Mighty or Noble are Called (That’s Me!)

There is a new blog posted in my sidebar written by someone from my congregation. Nathan is a very gifted young man with a brilliant mind. Please welcome Librado en derredor.

While reading his blog I came to the understanding that even though I could not eclipse his deep intellect and logic (wonderful high marks for his genuine, homeschooled family!), God revealed His same knowledge of the Truth of Jesus Christ, His doctrine of His irresistible Grace, His predestination of my soul to spend Eternity with Him, despite my utter sinfulness, to me — one who is not wise, nor mighty (I’m only 5 feet tall ), or noble. (1Cor. 1:26-31). God revealed His Truth by His Spirit to Nathan, as well as to me. God chose me, and He chose Nathan. He is no respecter of persons. This comparison was to confirm to me the wonderful mercy and grace that God has for His people. Thank you, Lord, for saving me.


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