Rambo and Dennis Rodman in a Church Service

Nearly 10 years ago I was sitting in a church auditorium preparing to listen to the sermon when the music started to play. It was loud and the lights turned down very low, when suddenly a spotlight appeared in the middle of the stage, and, I am not making this up, “Rambo” came rappelling down from the ceiling. It was part of some skit that was supposed to lure me into the sermon. I don’t remember anything else that day about the sermon, but that “circus” performance will forever stick in my mind.

A few more times after that, there were sermons on the lives of celebrities. It was a MONTH LONG series on how much these celebrities needed the Lord. Obviously.

Two of the celebrities featured in this sermon series were Madonna, the singer, and Dennis Rodman, the outlandish basketball star. The sermons were basically biographies with some “helpful” scripture sprinkled in to give it seeker-friendly appeal. The bio on Dennis Rodman remains in my mind the most because when the preacher featured his image on the projector screen it was from Rodman’s book. He was featured nude on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Well, at least my children were “safe” in their Sunday School classes (I don’t advocate those classes, incidentally).

I can hear the calliope music and the clown mobiles just around the corner …..

Well, I have added to the links in my sidebar Slice of Laodicea, an excellent site that challenges Christians to think about what they believe. It has been valuable reading and exposes the fallacies of the modern “churches”.


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