Family Games

Here in Oregon it rains alot. This means that families stay indoors for most of the time. Good news! We have games! Of course, daily responsibilities must come first, such as Bible study, chores and schoolwork. So here are some guidelines when participating in Family Game Time:

  • Do play games that stimulate the brain, like Cranium or Pictionary
  • Don’t play on an empty stomach
  • Do laugh loudly when something bad happens to your game character, such as Jumpin’ Jim Rivers in ExciteBike (Nintendo 64)
  • Don’t play Mario Kart until the dishes in the sink are done
  • Do play Mario Kart if you’re trying to avoid doing dishes
  • Don’t take your high score too seriously
  • Do laugh uncontrollably when your 14 -year-old son jumps 4 feet into the air like a rabbit during Charades
  • Don’t make fun of your Husband’s/Dad’s drawings during a round of Pictionary
  • Do save your Husband’s/Dad’s drawings
  • Don’t take the circle game too seriously ….. O
  • Do play Monopoly, but only if you have a week or two to complete the game
  • Don’t use the word curmudgeon for a word while playing Scrabble
  • Do play Uno as a family while under a tarp in the pouring rain while camping … it’s fun!

Let the Games Begin!


2 Responses to “Family Games”

  1. Brett Harris Says:

    Dear Mrs. Felmey,

    You’ve moved to WordPress! It looks beautiful. =)

    In Christ,

    P.S. Does using the word “curmudgeon” make you feel curmudgeonly? πŸ˜‰

  2. Kathleen Felmey Says:


    Thank you for visiting! (and I just had the carpet cleaned πŸ˜‰ ) I’m thinking of designing or at least changing the template. The blue is kind of nice and simple, though.

    As for that silly-sounding word, I have – on occasion – had a touch of “curmudgeon-itis”. Nothing a simple round of Mariokart can’t cure, though.

    In Christ,
    Mrs. Felmey

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